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School Attendance

Regular attendance at school is key to our students achieving to the best of their ability. Studies show children who regularly miss school fail to achieve.

Under section 25 of the Education Act 1989 all students enrolled at St Clair School are required to attend the school when it is open.

As a Board we are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure St Clair School students attend school when it is open. The Board considers regular and timely school attendance fundamental to our students achieving to the best of their potential.

St Clair School starts at 8:55 am. Students are expected to be in class, ready to go at this time. Habitual lateness is distracting to the other students of the class, and may suggest to the child that school is unimportant.

St Clair School operates a 24 hour phone service through the school office for the reporting of absences: 455 8199

It is very important the school is aware of absences and the reason(s) for them. This helps us to support children and their families.

There are times when children do have good reason for not attending school. These include:

  • Illness

  • Bereavements

  • Medical appointments

There will also be other good reasons.

Reasons which are not justifiable for keeping a child away from school include:

  • Birthday’s – the child’s or others

  • Family holidays or extended weekends

  • International travel with family or friends

If your child is absent from school for more than 5 days due to ill health, a medical certificate is required. If it is appropriate and your child is eligible, you could apply for support from the Southern Regional Health School. The St Clair School Office is able to help you with this.

If you wish to take your child or children out of school during a non-holiday period, it is important the school is told in writing (email or hard copy). You need to state the date(s), reason and destination.

If your child is absent for more than 5 days activities to maintain school progress should be planned for. Your child may be able to take some work with them, so they keep up better with their classmates while away from school. Schools are required to remove children from the school roll if they are overseas for more than 12 weeks.

If you have concerns about your child which you think are impacting on their engagement/attendance at school, your child’s teacher is the first person to contact. If you do not feel comfortable addressing the school directly, the Ministry of Education have a student support person who can advocate on your behalf. Contact the local MOE office on 471 5200.

You can contact the Principal at any time, especially if you have more serious concerns or need to discuss any matters.