St Clair School Board of Trustees

Jodi Brown - Board Chairperson

Jodi has been an elite sportswoman for over 18 years, and has recently started her own health and wellbeing business. She has two children at St Clair School, with a preschooler to come. She brings a strong sense of team ethics to the board, and the desire to maintain the highest level of governance for our school.

Jen Rodgers - Principal

Jen has been the principal of St Clair School since the start of Term 4, 2016. Previously she was principal of Cheviot Area School.

Jen has been a member of various principal associations, currently serving on the OPPA and was on the NZ Area School's Executive for three years.

Jen has one son who is attending Kings’ High School.

Ann Stevenson - Staff Trustee

The Board's staff trustee is Ann Stevenson. Ann is our assistant principal. Ann brings deep insights into student learning and modern learning practices to the Board, and the experience from previously being a parent trustee on the Kings’ High School Board of Trustees.

Melanie Mason - Parent Trustee

Melanie joins the board after successfully leading our school PTA in 2015 and 2016. She is very involved in her family business which she runs with her husband.

Melanie has one child at our school.

Mike Hawkin - Parent Trustee

Mike is a partner in the accounting firm Deloitte and is a specialist school auditor. He brings a deep understanding of school finances and governance to the Board. Mike has one son attending our school.

Kirsty Fairbairn - Parent Trustee

Kirsty is a high performance sport dietitian with many years of experience working with top sports people in both Australia and New Zealand. Kirsty is both knowledgeable and passionate about child health and wellbeing. Kirsty's two boys have been through St Clair School.

Louise Garthwaite - Parent Trustee

Louise is the chairperson of our school board of trustees.

Louise is a lawyer and has served on a number of legal committees and boards. Much of Louise's work as a lawyer is centred upon children and their well being. Both of Louise's children went through St Clair School. or

Deborah MacLeod - Minute secretary

As minute secretary, Deborah provides the board with specialist secretarial services. Although not a member of the board, Deborah's expertise is invaluable.