St Clair School Board of Trustees

Jodi Brown - Board Chairperson

Jodi has been an elite sportswoman for over 18 years, and has recently started her own health and wellbeing business. She has two children at St Clair School, with a preschooler to come. She brings a strong sense of team ethics to the board, and the desire to maintain the highest level of governance for our school.

Jen Rodgers - Principal

Jen has been the principal of St Clair School since 2016. Previously she was principal of Cheviot Area School.

Jen has been a member of various principal associations, currently serving on the Otago Primary Principals' Association Executive and previously on the New Zealand Principal's Federation Executive and the New Zealand Area Schools' Association.

Jen has one son who attends Kings’ High School.

Ann Stevenson - Staff Trustee

The Board's staff trustee is Ann Stevenson. Ann is our assistant principal. Ann brings deep insights into student learning and modern learning practices to the Board, and the experience from previously being a parent trustee on the Kings’ High School Board of Trustees.

Karl Moran - Parent Trustee

Karl is an Authorized Financial Adviser and Chartered Accountant, who runs his own insurance and risk management business. He is also a member of the Institute of Directors.

Karl has one daughter currently at the school, and a son who will be starting in 2021.

Chris Cope - Parent Trustee

Chris is currently CFO at Dunedin Airport and brings a strong financial and governance background to the Board of Trustees. Chris has two daughters and the school and a third who can’t wait to join her big sisters.

Chanel Gardner - Parent Trustee

Chanel has worked in civil litigation and family law for over a decade. She is currently taking time to look after her four girls full time (the eldest attended St Clair, two currently attending and the last to attend in 2022) and enjoys contributing to the board at St Clair.

Jess Tuhega- Parent Trustee

Jess has had two nephews go through St Clair School, and has her own child and another nephew currently attending, with two pre-schoolers to come. Jess has been involved in education for eighteen years and is currently working for Te Rito Maioha/Early Childhood New Zealand as a lecturer and paper leader, where she has been for the past 11 years.

Deborah MacLeod - Minute secretary

As minute secretary, Deborah provides the board with specialist secretarial services. Although not a member of the board, Deborah's expertise is invaluable.