Takutai - Yrs 1 & 2

Assistant Principal - Team Leader - Ann Stevenson

Ann is our assistant principal and leads our junior learning team, teaching in Room 10. She has taught in a number of schools in both NZ and the UK. Ann is a successful and creative teacher with particular strengths in literacy and inquiry-based approaches to learning. In addition, Ann has an interest in the performing arts.

Email: astevenson@stclair.school.nz

Room 4 - Michelle Reece

Michelle is one of our key reception class teachers. She provides a warm and safe welcome for our newest learners and has the specific skills needed to ensure a smooth start to formal learning for all children in her care.

Email: mreece@stclair.school.nz

Room 5 - Beth Fairbairn

Beth brings strengths in literacy, numeracy and science to room 5. Her background in junior education ensures that early literacy and numeracy skills are built on positively.

Email: bfairbairn@stclair.school.nz

Room 6 - Scotty Lane

Scotty brings strengths in technology and social sciences to room 6. He initially taught as a secondary teacher, but has retrained, and has come into the primary sector. Scotty has a young family and has a passion for bringing fun into the learning programme.

Email: slane@stclair.school.nz

Room 6 - Olivia Hogan

Olivia joins the new entrant team on a Wednesday, and will be co-teaching with Scotty Lane. Olivia is beginning her teaching career at St Clair School and brings a calm enthusiasm to teaching, with a friendly, positive personality.

Email: ohogan@stclair.school.nz

Room 7 - Jo Pledger

Jo is an experienced teacher, who has been a member of the St Clair team since 2016. She builds caring and supportive relationships with students and has a real strength in bringing a Maori perspective to her teaching.

Email: jpledger@stclair.school.nz

Room 8 - Rachel French

Rachel joined our teaching team in 2007. She has a particular interest and strength in teaching mathematics. Rachel has taught in several schools and has worked as a numeracy facilitator for the Dunedin College of Education, presenting nationally and internationally in this area. She is passionate about collaborative teaching and brings strengths of this into her practice.

Email: rfrench@stclair.school.nz

Room 9 - Rebecca Tamblyn

Rebecca's creative flair and love of literacy is a real asset for our school. After training in reading recovery for the past two years, Becky is delighted to be returning to full time classroom teaching, where she will bring her passion for connecting with every child to the fore.

Email: rtamblyn@stclair.school.nz

Room 10 - classroom release teacher - Chrissy McCready

Chrissy co-teaches in Room 10. Chrissy has many years of experience in the teaching of junior children. She provides a warm, stimulating and happy environment for the children in her care.

Email: cmccready@stclair.school.nz

Megan Pelvin - Year 1 and 2 team

Megan has been at St Clair School since 2013 teaching at various levels in the junior team. She is a very experienced teacher with a passion for literacy and mathematics, and has spent a number of years as a reading recovery teacher. She will be supporting the Takutai team in term 1.

Email: mpelvin@stclair.school.nz

Learning Support - Helen Thomson

Helen's association with the school spans almost two decades. She has an extensive background in education and in the past has also been a lead teacher in a local kindergarten. Helen brings a high level of skill to our junior learning support programmes.

Learning Support - Paula McGill

Paula is a valued member of our support team. She supports individual students in the junior team, enabling them to participate and engage in the learning in the junior rooms.

Learning Support - Helen Hughes

Helen is an important member of the junior team. Her calm, professional manner ensures she is able to support children to achieve their best in their learning. Helen is an efficient, dedicated and competent member of our team.

Learning Support - Carmen Garrett

Carmen is a significant member of our support team. Her focus on individuals' needs and her sense of fun make her a valuable member of our team. She is very caring of her colleagues and works hard to keep everyone looked after.

Learning Support - Gary Charters

Gary is new to our team in 2019, and brings a wealth of understanding on how to support children with special needs. His strength is in supporting and guiding children to make positive decisions given the opportunity.

Learning Support - Sean Hsieh

Sean joined us in 2018 and brings a huge understanding on how to support learning for children. Sean is from Taiwan, and is an experienced primary and secondary science teacher. We are lucky to have him supporting our children with their learning.

Learning Support - Pania Douglas

Pania joined us this year as a learning support in team Takutai. Pania has been involved in schools for many years with paid and unpaid work. She brings a calm positivity to our team, and has a great depth of empathy and understanding for the children she supports.

Learning Support - Janaya Moore

Janaya joined us this year in the Takutai team working with individual children to support them in the classroom. Janaya's calm, understanding nature are strengths, as well as her enthusiasm to learn and help out where needed.

Learning Support - Andrea Hamilton

Andrea is working in the Takutai New Entrant space one day a week, helping to support the newest members of our school. Andrea is organised and efficient, with a desire to keep active and involved. She quietly ensures that the things that need to be done are done in the most efficient way!