Tahatū Yrs 5 & 6

Room 17 - Team Leader - Verity Kerr

Verity is our Associate Principal and leads the senior team. Verity has been at St Clair School for over twelve years, and has been a strong driver in student agency. She has particular strengths in literacy and inquiry learning. Verity is a capable and caring practitioner with considerable skill in student management.

Email: vkerr@stclair.school.nz

Room 14 - Lana Tall

Lana joins our team in 2019 after starting her teaching career in Invercargill. Lana is beginning her teaching career and is keen to learn and improve her craft. She connects well with children and adjusts her programmes to meet all needs, and enjoys building relationships with families.

Email: ltall@stclair.school.nz

Room 14 - classroom release teacher - Robyn Wood

Robyn provides the additional classroom release for Lana in 2019 on Wednesdays. Robyn is an experienced teacher having taught for many years in Dunedin. Her strengths in literacy and digital technology are brought to the fore in a classroom, along with her caring teaching style.

Email: bjames@stclair.school.nz

Room 15 - Dale Hunter

Dale joined our team in 2010 after three years of teaching in Timaru. As a talented musician and passionate sportsman he brings an enhanced skill-set to our senior team. Dale also has strengths in the teaching of literacy and mathematics, and builds strong relationships with his students and their families.

Email: dhunter@stclair.school.nz

Room 16 - Lonaye King

Lonaye joins us this year from Auckland where she had taught for a number of years in various primary and intermediate schools. Lonaye has been in middle leadership and has strengths in building relationship with children and their whanau. Lonaye is supremely organised, and will give anything a go!

Email: lking@stclair.school.nz

Room 17 - classroom release teacher - Alison Caldwell

Alison is a highly skilled member of our teaching team. In addition to her well recognised musical background, Alison also possesses a broad set of teaching skills across the curriculum. Her enthusiasm for learning helps ensure children achieve highly. Alison works in Room 17 on Mondays.

Email: acaldwell@stclair.school.nz

Room 18 - Kayla Mitchell-Curd

Kayla joined our team at the start of 2014. She has strengths in literacy and numeracy and utilises e-tools effectively in her programmes. Kayla has a keen interest in integrated learning and uses this to link student skills and understandings. Room 18 Class Site

Email: kmitchell-curd@stclair.school.nz

Learning Support - Tracey Hartmann

Tracey is a key member of our support team. She delivers specialist acceleration programmes for children in our senior learning team.

Learning Support - Sean Hsieh

Sean joined us in 2018 and brings a huge understanding on how to support learning for children. Sean is from Taiwan, and is an experienced primary and secondary science teacher. We are lucky to have him supporting our children with their learning.

Learning Support - Janaya Moore

Janaya joined us this year in the Takutai team working with individual children to support them in the classroom. Janaya's calm, understanding nature are strengths, as well as her enthusiasm to learn and help out where needed.

Learning Support - Karena Turnock

Karena has joined us this year and provides a gentle caring support for children at out school. Karena works quietly with children, helping them learn the things that are important to them.