Tahatū Yrs 5 & 6

Room 17 - Team Leader - Verity Kerr

Ms Kerr is our Associate Principal and leads the senior team. Ms Kerr has been at St Clair School for 12 years, and has been a strong driver in student agency. She has particular strengths in literacy and inquiry learning. Ms Kerr is a capable and caring practitioner with considerable skill in student management.

Email: vkerr@stclair.school.nz

Room 14 - Christina Gray

Miss Gray is new to our school in 2020, and comes to us from teaching in Wellington. Miss Gray brings considerable strengths in relationship building and adjusting programmes to ensure they are best suited to meet learners' needs. She also has strengths in literacy and is a strong advocate for student agency.

Email: cgray@stclair.school.nz

Room 15 - Dale Hunter

Mr Hunter joined our team in 2010 after three years of teaching in Timaru. As a talented musician and passionate sportsman he brings an enhanced skill-set to our senior team. Mr Hunter also has strengths in the teaching of literacy and mathematics, and builds strong relationships with his students and their families.

Email: dhunter@stclair.school.nz

Room 16 - Elizabeth Faithful

Mrs Faithful is an important part of our teaching team. Every day, she brings energy and a deep understanding of children's needs to her work. Mrs Faithful has particular strengths in literacy and inquiry-based learning, and has a strong interest in collaborative teaching practice, and the benefits this provides to her learners.

Email: efaithful@stclair.school.nz

Room 18 - Lana Tall

Miss Tall joined our team in 2019 after starting her teaching career in Invercargill. While Miss Tall is early in her teaching career, she has real strengths as a teacher and a learner. She connects well with children and adjusts her programmes to meet all needs, and enjoys building relationships with families.

Email: ltall@stclair.school.nz

Room 17 - classroom release teacher - Alison Caldwell

Ali is a highly skilled member of our teaching team. In addition to her well recognised musical background, Ali also possesses a broad set of teaching skills across the curriculum. Her enthusiasm for learning helps ensure children achieve highly. Ali works in Room 17 on Fridays.

Email: acaldwell@stclair.school.nz

Literacy support teacher - Sarah Rietveld

Sarah is an experienced teacher who only recently left our team as a permanent staff member to start her family. Sarah has returned to provide additional support for children in the Tahatū team with literacy this year. Sarah's calm manner and her high expectations of all students ensures she works well with children in our school.

Email: srietveld@stclair.school.nz

Learning Support - Tracey Hartmann

Tracey is a key member of our support team. She delivers specialist acceleration programmes for children in our year 5 and 6 learning team. Tracey is professional, focussed and keen to do the best by our children.

email: thartmann@stclair.school.nz

Learning Support - Janaya Moore

Janaya joined us in 2019, working with individual children to support them in the classroom. Janaya's calm, understanding nature are strengths, as well as her enthusiasm to learn and help out where needed.

email: jmoore@stclair.school.nz

Learning Support - Paula McGill

Paula is a valued member of our support team. She supports individual students in the junior team, enabling them to participate and engage in their learning.

email: pmcgill@stclair.school.nz

Learning Support - Jo Preston

Jo has been a much valued member of our support staff for a number of years. Her work is focused on learning support and social skill development. Her work ethic is much appreciated, and her willingness to do whatever is needed for our children is valued.

email: jpreston@stclair.school.nz

Learning Support - Andrea Hamilton

Andrea is working in the Takutai-nui space as well as the Tahatū team, supporting children across our school. Andrea is organised and efficient, with a desire to keep active and involved. She quietly ensures that the things that need to be done are done in the most efficient way!

email: ahamilton@stclair.school.nz

Learning Support - Jenny Maclaren

Jenny is new to the St Clair team this year, joining us to work with children across the school. Jenny has a background in health care and education, and brings a positive, gentle outlook to her work.

email: jmaclaren@stclair.school.nz