Significant Others

Jen Rodgers joined the team as principal in 2016. Prior to this, Jen was the principal of Cheviot Area School for five years, and has been involved in education since the early 1990s, from primary through to tertiary. Jen is on the executive of the Otago Primary Principals Association, and has served on the NZPF executive.

Jen welcomes open communication with whanau and families to ensure that we are working together to support our learners.

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Robyn Wood is our deputy principal. She has recognised strengths in literacy, student agency and digital technology and and takes a leading role in these areas. She has a strong interest in educational research which enriches our school. Robyn also leads our school self review and is a key part of our student well-being team.


Deborah MacLeod provides a cheerful welcome for parents and is a valuable source of information about the school.

As Executive Officer, Deborah undertakes work associated with school finances and oversees the operation of the school's administration. Deborah also coordinates Jen's appointments and is a useful first-point-of-contact for many school matters. Deborah is also the Board of Trustees' secretary.


Vicky Caswell has two main roles in the school: clerical support with key responsibility for pupil records, and school librarian with responsibility for overall management of the library collection. If a job needs doing, this is the lady to see - thorough, efficient and effective, with a fabulous sense of humour!

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Bruce James joined the team in 2018 and is currently the school's ORS Specialist Teacher (Ongoing Resourcing Scheme). In this role Bruce supports teachers and the learning support team. He also works closely with family and whanau, and interacts with the outside agencies to support our learners. Bruce is also LENCO and leads learning support in our school. Bruce has been teaching in Dunedin for 18 years and brings strengths in technology, music and sport to the leadership team. He is passionate about building strong relationships with the people he spends time with. Bruce has a can-do attitude, with no problem too small to solve.


Alison Caldwell works with all classes once a week providing a specialized music programme. She is an enthusiastic and capable teacher, and is a highly skilled music specialist. She has an enthusiasm for her work which sees children achieving high standards within a varied and stimulating music programme. Alison also coordinates our school marimba, choir, rock band and guitar groups.


Sally Marett is our school physical education specialist, providing specially designed programmes for all classes. Programmes include skill development, problem solving, and cooperative activities for older children. Sally also coordinates our school sports teams, providing support to coaches and weekly draws for parents.


Jim Christensen is our caretaker ensuring that the school is safe, tidy and well-presented for our children and staff.


Sue Stephenson is a registered counsellor, and registered teacher and uses her specialist skills to support children, usually in a 1:1 setting.

Referrals to Sue's service can be made through the school office. Please contact Deborah MacLeod in the office for further details or to receive a referral form.


Tracey Hartmann provides administration support in the office during lunch breaks, and when we need an extra hand in busy times out there. Tracey always has a smile at the ready, and does all the things we need to keep the school ticking along.

Andrea Hamilton provides support in the sick bay during break times, to ensure that children are cared for efficiently and effectively, and enabling our teaching team to remain in the playground with the children. Andrea is known for her efficiency, with an observant and caring nature.

Ann Loo. Every organisation needs someone who can undertake a job and see it through with care and commitment. Ann is such a person. She works in the office and makes sure that any 'loose ends' are quickly sorted and tidied.

Learning Support - Emma Clark

Emma provides comprehensive learning support for children with particular learning needs. Her patient calm manner make her a success with individuals and groups of children across the school. Emma is currently on parental leave until the end of 2019.

Aneka Thomson

Aneka provides a warm welcome for our youngest learners. Her strong background in junior education ensures that key literacy and numeracy skills are acquired smoothly. Aneka is on parental leave until July 2020.


Sarah Rietveld

Sarah is an experienced and skilled teacher, bringing a strong teaching history to our team. She has strengths in working with children with behavioural difficulties, with her calm quiet manner. Sarah is on parental leave until July 2020.


Megan Pelvin

Megan has been at St Clair School since 2013 teaching at various levels in the junior team. She is a very experienced teacher with a passion for literacy and mathematics, and has spent a number of years as a reading recovery teacher. Megan is on parental leave until January 2021.


Beth Fairbairn

Beth brings strengths in literacy, numeracy and science to room 5. Her background in junior education ensures that early literacy and numeracy skills are built on positively. Beth is on parental leave until January 2021.


Carmen Garrett

Carmen is a significant member of our support team. Her focus on individuals' needs and her sense of fun make her a valuable member of our team. She is very caring of her colleagues and works hard to keep everyone looked after. Carmen is on leave until the end of 2019