‘He kākano ahau i ruia mai i Rakiātea, Ahakoa iti taku iti. Ka tūria e ahau ngā iwi o te ao’

I am a seed sown in Rakiātea, although I am small. I will lead my people to the heights of greatness


Whanaunatanga: relationship, kinship, sense of family connection.


General Notices

Sports: School sports starts this week.
Walk n' Wheel: Starts next week.
Trees: Only climb the trees with white lines on them. This is to keep you and the trees safe.
Shoes: Leave muddy shoes outside or under bag hooks
Scooters: Make sure these are standing up and in a rack
Look after our plants notices - please do not touch or remove.
Play PodsPlease keep the shelves in the Play-Pods. They are for storage not for play. The play-pod equipment is for creative play outside the pods. Please do not build forts in the pods!