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Dear families, whānau and caregivers

Thank you for your patience and understanding as I fill your inbox with emails!

As you are aware, from midnight tomorrow (Wednesday) St Clair School will be officially closed to everyone. This means that we will have four and a half weeks without school here on site. The Ministry has determined that next week and the one after are officially the school holidays, and the following two weeks are on-line learning/school. In order to meet this expectation, we will not be releasing the school's on-line learning website, as it is important that the children actually have some time off school, and relax. If your child would like some things to do on-line during this period, please visit the MOE's learning from home page.

Nathan Wallis has shared this post which is worthy of considering:

As mentioned in the last email from us, take your children for a walk (nature scavenger hunts are great - how many things can you see?), do some baking, read with them, make up stories, teach them how to tie their shoelaces ... these learning experiences are important, and will strengthen their feeling of security and confidence that things will be ok.

We will release our website to you on April 14, and teachers will be available to support you and your children from a distance if you are interested from that point on. If you are having a great time please do not feel that you need to suddenly become a teacher - it is completely up to you and your child if you want to participate in any of the on-line learning.

Take care of yourselves over this time. We will keep in touch via email as things change and adapt. Enjoy the time together as a family.

Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa - Let us keep close together, not wide apart.

Kā mihi nui

Jen and the team