Integrated Curriculum (Pohewa)

At St Clair School, Science, Social Sciences, Health & PE, The Arts are delivered in an integrated approach. At St Clair we call this Pohewa.


Reading @ St Clair School

Writing @ St Clair School

English (Literacy)

At St Clair School we acknowledge literacy as an essential foundation skill for children. In order for our students to succeed in literacy, they will develop skills to communicate in a variety of ways. Literacy learning involves:



At St Clair School, mathematics is seen as an essential foundation skill for children. We believe competence with numbers underpins mathematical confidence

Our mathematics programme covers number, algebra, statistics, space, probability and measurement. In the early years the focus is on pattern and structure. As our ākonga move through the school there is an increasing focus on algebra, statistics, space, probability and measurement as these areas act as contexts for mathematical literacy.


Math @ St Clair School

The Arts

St Clair School provides specialist teaching in music with the enhusiastic and amazing Ali Caldwell, as well as performing arts being taught throughout our classroom programmes. Our students can be involved in a variety of activities during their time at school, such as: