Lunch Options

School Lunch Options

HOMEMADE: Most children bring a homemade lunch to school. Typically homemade lunches contain items such as sandwiches, healthy snacks, fruit or yogurt. Children are encouraged to bring a drink bottle with water to school each day.

LUNCHonLINE: School lunches can be ordered online using the 'LunchOnline' service on Wednesdays (Subway) and Fridays (sushi).

PIE DAY FRIDAY: Pies are available on Fridays for $2 - cash sales only. Please place the correct change in a named and room numbered envelope, and post the envelope in the deposit slot located in the front of the main reception desk.

PTA SAUSAGE SIZZLES: Once a term the PTA runs a fundraising sausage sizzle - $2 for a sausage wrapped in bread. Information will be sent home usually two weeks prior, and orders can be completed online.