School Donations & Fees

At St Clair School we try very hard to keep costs to a minimum for families.  The school donation is currently set at $85 per year for the first child in a family, and $170 for two or more children. Payment of this donation is voluntary and is issued at the start of the school year.  We ask for this pro rata for students who enroll through the year.

This donation is used to cover the costs of performances that are provided to children through the year, and activities that are offered.  This is done instead of requesting payments through the year for these events.

In addition to this there is a camp contribution for year 6 children attending the annual camp.  This is usually around $220 and is set at the end of the previous year by the Board of Trustees.  This contribution covers the cost of transport, accommodation, and food costs.

We also set a swimming donation to cover the 10 lessons children are provided with each year. This is $30 per child.

Please have a look at this link to the Ministry of Education’s website explaining in full detail what schools can lawfully charge for, and what must be called a donation.

We offer many sporting opportunities for children outside of school hours.  Participation in these teams is reliant on payment of the fee by a set date.  This is a fee, not a donation, as it is not part of the required school curriculum, so must be paid in order for your child to participate.