Learning Assistants

Helen Thomson

Helen's association with the school spans over three decades. She has an extensive background in education and in the past has also been a lead teacher in a local kindergarten. Helen brings a high level of skill to our year 1 and 2 learning support programmes.

email:  hthomson@stclair.school.nz

Jo Preston

Jo has been a much valued member of our support staff for a number of years. Her work is focused on learning support and social skill development.  Her work ethic is much appreciated, and her willingness to do whatever is needed for our children is a huge asset to our school.

email:  jpreston@stclair.school.nz

Paula McGill

Paula is a much valued member of our support team. She supports individual students in the Ngaru team, enabling them to participate and engage in their learning.  Paula's calm and willing character are real strengths in our team.  Paula also supports ESOL (English Speakers of Other Languages) children across the kura.

email:  pmcgill@stclair.school.nz

Helen Hughes

Helen is an important member of the Tahatū team. Her calm, professional manner ensures she is able to support children to achieve their best in their learning.  Helen is an efficient, dedicated and very capable member of our team.

email:  hhughes@stclair.school.nz

Pania Douglas

Pania joined us in 2019 as a learning support member in team Takutai.  Pania has been involved in schools for many years with paid and unpaid work.  She brings a calm positivity to our team, and has a great depth of empathy and understanding for the children she supports.

email:  pdouglas@stclair.school.nz

Tracey Hartmann

Tracey is a key member of our support team.  She delivers specialist acceleration programmes for children in our year 5 and 6 learning team.  Tracey is professional, focussed and keen to do the best for our children.  Her experience in working with children at this level is much valued, and the support children she provides children with their learning is an asset to our kura.

email:  thartmann@stclair.school.nz

Pip Cosgrove

Pip comes to us with seven years experience working in the early learning sector, and joined the team in 2020.  Pip's bubbly, outgoing nature ensures she meets the needs of the children in her care.  Whatever needs doing, Pip will ensure that it is done well, with a friendly smile!

email:  pcosgrove@stclair.school.nz

Jo MacDonald

Jo joined our team in 2021 and brings a wealth of experience working with people in many and varied sectors.  Jo is supporting children across the Tahatū team, and brings a warmth and kindness to her work as well as a high level of efficiency.

email:  jmacdonald@stclair.school.nz

Courtney Clark

Courtney joined us in 2021 as a learning assistant, and has quickly demonstrated her skill in working with children.  Courtney is professionl, calm and caring, and efficiently supports the children with their learning needs.

email:  cclark@stclair.school.nz

Trish Ashton

Trish provides comprehensive learning support to children in our year 3-4 learning team. Her caring manner, effective support techniques and great sense of humour make her popular with children and adults alike.  Trish supports our ESOL (English Second Language Learners) across the school, and has vast experience with these children and their needs.

email:  tashton@stclair.school.nz