Learning Environments

Learning Environments at St Clair School

We are very fortunate to have an innovative, flexible learning environment that includes many bi-folding and sliding doors that enable staff and students to utilise the spaces available to the utmost.  Learning spaces are visible to others, and doors between classes are usually opened, enabling teachers to collaborate and work closely together.  Children are encouraged to find their ‘best fit space’ to learn in, and are taught to be mindful of those around them in these learning spaces to ensure everyone is able to learn.

We have large open spaces on both floors of our school, which we refer to as Te Manawanui - or the big heart of our school.  This is our shared learning space, where children, learning assistants, teachers, outside professionals and community helpers are working and learning together.  Because this is a learning space, we ask that parents wait until the 3pm bell before entering Te Manawanui.

If you are interested in finding out more about flexible learning environments look at this Ministry of Education site on Innovative Learning Environments (ILE).  There is a link to St Clair School in the School Perspectives where you can see our spaces in action.