Our Dispositions for Learning

St Clair School’s dispositions are packaged as MAP - Managing yourself (for your learning), being Active (in your learning), and Persevering (with your learning).

MAP skills enable agentic learning. These are not seen as linear, and it is understood that learners will fall back or forward between these three.

Managing yourself:

  • Setting goals, planning and organising, and evaluating their learning

  • Being mindful that an individual’s behaviour impacts on others

  • Taking responsibility for your learning and being aware of how we learn

Being Active:

  • Seeking opportunities and having a Growth mindset

  • Understanding that my learning is my responsibility

  • Being curious

  • Challenging yourself

  • Collaborating


  • Being aware of how we learn

  • Working through challenges (don’t give up)

  • Being resilient

  • Learning from mistakes